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What Is The High Temperature Compressive Strength Of Refractory?
- Aug 21, 2018 -

The high temperature compressive strength of refractory is the limit pressure that the material can withstand at high temperature. The high temperature compressive strength of refractory materials increases with the temperature, and the strength of most refractory products is increased, of which the high aluminum products of clay products are especially significant, and the maximum value is reached when 1000-1200°c. This is because the viscosity of the molten liquid produced at high temperature is higher than that of the brittle glass at low temperature. Make the bond between the particles more solid.

When the temperature continues to rise, the strength drops sharply. The high temperature compressive strength index of refractory can reflect the change of the binding state of the products at high temperature, especially the refractory plastic and castable with a certain number of binders, and the determination of high temperature compressive strength is more useful because of the temperature rise and the change of the combined state.