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What Is The Firing Of Refractory?
- Aug 21, 2018 -

The sintering of materials is the last process in the production of refractory products. In the process of sintering, a series of physical and chemical changes occur, and with these changes, the porosity decreases and the bulk density increases, which makes the billet become a product with a certain size, shape and structure strength. In addition, through a series of physical and chemical changes in the sintering process, a stable structure and mineral phase are formed, which have various properties which are applicable to the products under different conditions. For example, even if the refractory products used under the same temperature conditions, because of the corrosion resistance and thermal shock resistance requirements, in the manufacturing process, in addition to the selection of raw materials, particle composition and molding density and other technological conditions, can be modified by firing into a completely different organizational structure.

The former is advantageous to the sintering to the theoretical density, while the latter is advantageous to the product which has a certain strength and has a certain porosity.