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Development Prospect Of Refractory Bricks
- Aug 21, 2018 -

With the continuous development of China's cement industry, the refractory also put forward higher requirements.

The refractory industry, which relies on extensive economic growth mode for a long time, should increase its adjustment to meet the needs of the new situation. China's cement industry refractory industry has low concentration, vicious competition, shortage of raw materials and other problems, only to speed up the cement kiln Refractories production Enterprises reorganization and integration, to adapt to the rapid development of cement industry.

At the same time, enterprises should also strengthen cooperation with research institutes and user units, increase cooperation in the production and production of green refractory technology to achieve a new breakthrough, and strive in a short period of time, in some key green refractory technology and the application of a substantial breakthrough.

The development of green refractory strategy is an important development strategy related to the sustainable development of China's current and future refractory industry.

And the forthcoming "refractory raw materials Industry access standards", will promote the next few years to eliminate the backward production process equipment, cultivate leading enterprises, and promote industry to large-scale intensive direction. Of course, the development of green resistance at the same time, product quality must also be guaranteed. Refractory life is not high due to the main manufacturers of production equipment lag behind, the use of friction press brick molding, its ingredients, molding, firing, inspection process in the lower level of automation, product quality fluctuations, large size deviation, improper masonry methods.

In use, in order to prevent the emergence of refractory brick phenomenon, excessive use of steel plate locking, resulting in heating refractory material to produce a large expansion, excessive pressure to damage the refractory brick, and low level of management. To solve the problem of refractory life, some enterprises began to develop energy-saving products, such as using silica brick (high alumina sic material) to replace the higher thermal conductivity of Magnesia-alumina spinel brick, in order to reduce heat loss, reduce the heat consumption of tons of clinker, save energy.

Using Magnesia-iron spinel bricks instead of direct magnesia-chrome bricks to replace magnesia-chrome bricks in rotary kiln, it is effective to avoid the pollution of chrome. In fact, cement enterprises should be in accordance with the cement kiln technological conditions and raw clinker, fuel requirements, reasonable selection of refractory materials, such as high strength, low thermal expansion rate, good thermal shock resistance of high alumina bricks, to reduce the temperature of refractory material damage.

At the same time, according to the actual use situation, optimize the design plan, improve the fine management level, improve the operation rate of cement kiln, reduce the consumption of refractory ton clinker. China Building Materials Federation organized by the "Cement rotary kiln Refractory use rules" review, the experts reviewed and unanimously passed the standard draft.

Marking the successful completion of the first use of refractories for domestic and foreign cement kilns, it will be of great significance to promote the standardization of cement kiln Refractories, promote industry development and transformation and upgrade.

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