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What is the combination of ingredients
- Aug 21, 2018 -

The binding property of raw materials refers to the combination of clay materials and non-plastic materials to form plasticity sludge and have certain drying strength. The binding property of the combined clay is usually reflected by the amount of standard quartz sand (grain composition: 0.25-0.15mm takes up 70%, 0.15-0.90mm takes up 30%) added when the plasticity mud mass is formed and the flexural strength after drying. In general, clay with strong plasticity has strong binding ability (there are some exceptions, for example, nanning ball clay is very pure and fine-grained, and has good plasticity. However, due to the large adsorption water on the surface, dehydration and contraction during drying, the resulting cracks often lead to poor drying intensity. Its plasticity index can reach 36 ~ 47, and its flexural strength is only 0.48Mpa.