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Overview of definition of refractory bricks
- Aug 21, 2018 -

Chamotte products have many forms, the basic quality requirement is that alumina is higher than 38% (usually 42-47%) and low iron low alkali metal content.

These products are not calcined or calcined, and include high performance calcined products such as mullite. Chamotte (Refractory clays) is used for shaping (shaped) and amorphous (integral forming--monolithic) refractories production. Brick (brick) products include chamotte bricks (fire clay bricks), such as blast furnace barrier Bricks (checker bricks) and high alumina bricks (higher alumina bricks), such as support bricks for horizontal induction furnaces and vertical induction furnace linings.

In amorphous materials department, there are a variety of product consumption, such as Chamotte, overload of plastic materials, high alumina plastic, chamotte and high alumina castable.